Water For Life

Your generous donation can help provide families with clean drinking water.

Water For Life

Globally, 785 MILLION people lack access to clean water.

At least 2 BILLION people in the world get their water from contaminated sources.

Drinking dirty water can cause diseases such as cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea, which kills millions of people every year.

In many parts of the world, people, especially women and children, spend hours each day trekking on dangerous terrain in search of water. The water they are able to find is often dirty, carrying disease.

Help us make fresh, clean water accessible to everyone; donate today to save countless lives through our Water For Life appeal.

When we give water, we give life. Not only do we help stop the spread of disease, but we also give children the opportunity to go to school, women the opportunity to care for their families or to work, and for communities to become healthier and stronger.

Clean, Safe Water For Everyone

At Al-Mustafa USA, we believe that clean water is a right for everyone and we are committed to making sure it is! Our water projects are quenching thirst around the world every day, creating reliable access to clean water for communities around the world.

From water pumps to water purification plants, we are making sure that families all over the globe are drinking fresh water, without fear of waterborne diseases. Our water projects are currently active in over 160 countries, where our teams on the ground are diligently working to dig wells equip with hassle free water pumps, set up water purification plants to filter clean water to rural communities and using sunlight to provide clean, safe water for everyone.

A small donation of $20 to one of our life-saving Water For Life projects will help provide clean water a community in need, making thousands of people happy, healthy and well hydrated.

Make a donation today!

To date, we have provided over 8 million vulnerable people with access to safe, clean water, Alhamdulillah! With the support of our generous donors, we have been able to provide safe drinking water to some of the world’s poorest communities and change their lives for the better.

Donate $20 to give people clean, safe water for years to come!

Solar Wells

In many parts of the world, water hand pumps cannot be installed, as clean water is too far below the ground, sometimes as deep as 3000ft. In these situations, normal wells or hand-pumps will only collect dirty, contaminated water.

When this happens, in places like Tharparkar in Pakistan, Al-Mustafa USA installs Solar Water Wells to help provide an environmentally-friendly water resource for communities that utilizes renewable energy, through sunlight.

Solar Water Wells situated close to needy communities and provide clean, safe water for free to entire communities.

Water Purification Plants

We also build Water Purification Plants in communities facing severe water shortages. These plants use a system of reverse osmosis, and advanced technology.

It begins by taking in unfiltered water through a low-pressure feed pump, in the process of pre-filtration. It cleanses the water of any turbidity, sand & any other dust particles that may be present. Then the water, through multi stage pumps, passes from high pressure in membranes, and all the unwanted dissolved solids are separated from the water. They are sent into a drain via the waste water line, while the clean water is stored in product water tank. The system and the clean water tank are verified in accordance with World Health Organisation standards. An Ultra Violet lamp is installed in the product water line to make the water free from bacteria.

This Reverse Osmosis plant provides 2,000 litres fresh and clean water every hour.